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SyncStage class provide two delegates: SyncStageUserDelegate and SyncStageConnectivityDelegate which provide a set of callbacks to inform your application about asynchronous events from the SyncStage. You can define those object and provide to the SyncStage constructor or update public SyncStage properties userDelegate and connectivityDelegate anytime.


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' state in the session.

interface SyncStageUserDelegate {
    fun userJoined(connection: Connection)
    fun userLeft(identifier: String)
    fun userMuted(identifier: String)
    fun userUnmuted(identifier: String)
    fun sessionOut()


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' connectivity in the session.

interface SyncStageConnectivityDelegate {
    fun transmitterConnectivityChanged(connected: Boolean)
    fun receiverConnectivityChanged(identifier: String, connected: Boolean)


Responsible for getting callbacks about available zones latency.

interface SyncStageDiscoveryDelegate {
    fun discoveryResults(zones: List<String>)
    fun discoveryLatencyTestResults(zoneLatencyMap: Map<String, Int>)

The key of zoneLatencyMap is zoneId, and the value is latency represented in miliseconds.