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Architecture & Glossary


alt SyncStage architecture alt SyncStage architecture


  • SyncStage SDK - a library that we provide to you to integrate it into your mobile app.
  • Your mobile app - your custom mobile application that integrates SyncStage SDK.
  • SyncStage browser SDK - a typescript / javascript library that we provide to you to integrate it into your web app.
  • Desktop Agent - desktop application running in the background on the computer responsible for low latency audio streaming.
  • Your backend - your server-side services that your mobile or web app is communicating with. It is responsible for managing your users.
  • Your users - end users of your mobile app.
  • Studio Server - a low latency audio streaming server.
  • Session - a virtual room where up to 8 users can connect and enjoy a low-latency experience. One mobile app can join only one session at a time.
  • App user - is an end-user of your mobile application, it is managed by your user pool. App user can become session participant.
  • Organization - stands for your company or other legal entity that will incorporate SyncStage into its products.
  • Project - is an abstraction that encapsulates settings for a particular business case. A Project is related to one organization.
  • Application - is a mobile application that is related to a project. Application is created for a particular platform such as Android / iOS / Unity.
  • SyncStage Secret - is a .plist or .json file containing credentials to provision the SDK. This secret is related to one application. Each application can have one or more secrets, which can be invalidated at any time on developers demand.
  • Region - USA, Asia-Pacific, Europe - regions aggregate zones on a high level, you can assign one or more regions for your projects.
  • Zone - precise location of Studio Server deployment.
  • Developer Console - web application for managing your Organization, Projects, Applications, it provides comprehensive insight into the statistics data and billing.
  • Developer team - developer console users from your organization who have access to your projects and applications.
  • Audio stream - is an audio sent between 2 users of your mobile app.
  • Internal microphone - microphone that is built into your user’s smartphone.
  • Direct monitor - SDK option which allows you to hear yourself on your headphones. It's very useful for jamming and singing use cases when the user wants to hear not only other musicians / backing tracks but also himself.
  • Transmitter stream - is a stream of microphone data that flows from your users' smartphones to the Studio Server.
  • Receiver streams - are incoming streams of all session participants that flow from the Studio Server to your users' smartphones.