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SyncStage delegates#

SyncStage class provide two delegate:, SyncStageUserDelegate and SyncStageConnectivityDelegate which provide a set of callbacks to inform your application about asynchronous events from the SyncStage.


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' state in the session.

protocol SyncStageUserDelegate: NSObject {
    // called when a user joins a session
    func userJoined(connection: Connection)

    // called when a user leaves a session
    func userLeft(identifier: String)

    // called when a user mutes himself
    func userMuted(identifier: String)

    // called when a user unmutes himself
    func userUnmuted(identifier: String)

    // called when session recording started
    func sessionRecordingStarted()

    // called when session recording stopped
    func sessionRecordingStopped()

    // called when the your application lose connectivity with Studio Server, after a while user will be dismissed from the session
    func sessionOut()


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' connectivity in the session.

protocol SyncStageConnectivityDelegate: NSObject {
    // called when user loses partial connectivity as a transmitter or when get recover.
    func transmitterConnectivityChanged(connected: Bool)

    // called when the receiver loses partial connectivity for a specific user or when it recovers
    func receiverConnectivityChanged(identifier: String, connected: Bool)


Responsible for getting callbacks about available zones latency.

public protocol SyncStageDiscoveryDelegate: NSObject {
    func discoveryResults(zones: [String])
    func discoveryLatencyTestResults(results: [ZoneLatency])