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SyncStage class provide four delegates:

  • ISyncStageUserDelegate
  • ISyncStageConnectivityDelegate
  • ISyncStageDiscoveryDelegate
  • ISyncStageDesktopAgentDelegate

which provide a set of callbacks to inform your application about asynchronous events from the SyncStage.

You can define those object and provide to the SyncStage constructor or update public SyncStage properties userDelegate, connectivityDelegate, discoveryDelegate, and desktopAgentDelegate anytime.


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' state in the session.

interface ISyncStageUserDelegate {
  userJoined(connection: IConnection): void;
  userLeft(identifier: string): void;
  userMuted(identifier: string): void;
  userUnmuted(identifier: string): void;
  sessionRecordingStarted(): void;
  sessionRecordingStopped(): void;
  sessionOut(): void;


Responsible for getting callbacks about users' connectivity in the session.

interface ISyncStageConnectivityDelegate {
  transmitterConnectivityChanged(connected: boolean): void;
  receiverConnectivityChanged(identifier: string, connected: boolean): void;
  desktopAgentReconnected(): void;

transmitterConnectivityChanged and receiverConnectivityChanged can be used to update connectivity indicator of particular connections. The desktopAgentReconnected callback is suggested to be used to trigger rebuild of the session state in the application (during the disconnection, new connections might be added or removed to the session which result in the ui state inconsistency).


Responsible for getting callbacks about available zones latency.

interface ISyncStageDiscoveryDelegate {
  discoveryResults(zones: string[]): void;
  discoveryLatencyTestResults(results: IZoneLatency[]): void;


Responsible for getting callbacks with information if SyncStage Desktop Agent is already acquired by some other browser tab to prevent paralell access, and general Desktop Agent connection events.

interface ISyncStageDesktopAgentDelegate {
  desktopAgentAquired(): void;
  desktopAgentReleased(): void;
  desktopAgentConnected(): void;
  desktopAgentDisconnected(): void;